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When problems arise with older septic systems there are a few things to check

1)  Do I have a water leak, leaky faucet, or leaky toilet?

These leaks can overflow your septic system and cause you problems with slow
flushing toilets, sewer odor, and surfacing sewage in your yard.

2)  What am I putting into my septic?

To much water usage can also overflow your septic system.  The average three
bedroom home should us 8,000 gallons/day usage per month according to the
Oklahoma DEQ standards.  Throwing non-degradable and bio-degradable items
into the trash instead of your system will increase the life of your septic
system.  Items such as tampons, condoms, grease, oil, coffee grounds, paint,
paint thinner, cigarette butts and egg shells should be disposed of in your
trash, not your septic system.

3)  Is my yard heavily wooded?

Roots from trees and shrubs can grow down into your lateral field preventing
the lines from working properly.

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